Skamlingsbanken is with its 113 meters above sea the highest point in South Jutland.

Skamlingsbanken is a beautiful area, which has a magnificent view over the whole region between Kolding and Christiansfeld. There is also the view of the Lillebælt to Fyn and west well into Jutland.
Skamlingsbanken is especially known for the folk festivals held in the years 1843-59 to support the Danish cause in South Jutland.
On Højskamlingen is a 16 meter high monolith made of 25 granite blocks to remember the defenders of the Danish cause in Schleswig. The pillar was raised in 1863, blown up by the Prussians in 1864 and raised again in 1866. The rebuilt was possible because people in the neighbourhood had been collecting and storing the stones.

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Skamlingvej 76
6093 Sjølund


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  • Coordinates

    Longitude : 9.566212
    Latitude : 55.418745

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