Art and design in Kolding

Kolding´s vision is focused on design and is based on proud traditions in design, art and architecture.

Along the stream passing through Kolding lies the new Design City Kolding near the University of Southern Denmark, which will be an entire new part of town dedicated to design.

Kolding has numerous small design enterprises and galleries, all of which give the impression of Kolding being a source of design, art, and architecture.

Be challenged - art in Kolding

You will find art and design many places in Kolding.

Bring your children and experience a treasure hunt in Trapholt where the children can participate in an alternative treasure hunt or explore the ’PilfingerZoner’ around Trapholt.

Visit Koldinghus, which has a treasure hunt and dress up for children.


Kunstmuseet Trapholt

The only museum in Denmark where you can see both the visual arts, design, crafts and furniture design. The exhibitions are always offering new and exciting experiences from international and danish artists and designers.

Impressive surroundings

Majestic Koldinghus

The old royal castle, Koldinghus, with the giant tower Kæmpetårnet, and its amazing view has been a central part of Denmark´s history for 800 years. It is a unique attraction with many experiences to offer in history, architecture, art, design and events.

Christiansfeld - a piece of art

Architecture and World Cultural Heritage

Christiansfeld is known nationwide for its delicious honey cakes and is probably the first town in Denmark to be built after a definite town plan by the visiting Herrnhuters. Experience a unique architecture and cultural history, which can be be seen on guided tours and by visiting the Christiansfeld Centre.

Church square

Cultural Heritage in Christiansfeld

Find out more about the culture of Christiansfeld, the founding of the city and the distinctive architecture.