Visit the World Cultural Heritage in Christiansfeld. A walk in Christiansfeld is a walk in a part of world history with something new to discover on every corner in the centre of the town.

Visit the Moravian Brethren Church, the chapel called Mansion, the cemetery Gudsageren (God´s acre), the Brother House, the Sister House, the Widow House, and allow yourself to absorb the exceptional atmosphere. At the Christiansfeld Centre you will find information about the city´s life and history and get tips to different walks and it is possible to make reservations for a guided tour in the historical town.

Gingerbread hearts have been a part of Christiansfeld almost as long as the Moravian Brethren have, and at one time they were an important commercial commodity for which the town was well known both in the country and abroad. If you wold like to taste the gingerbread, you can visit the bakery of the Moravian Brethren, where you can follow how the gingerbread cakes are made right from the start.


Southwest of Christiansfeld you find the conservation area Christenero, which is a park laid out by the chamberlain´s wife, Christina Fridericia von Holstein, towards the end of the 18th century. In the park a wooden pavilion called My thoughts is still preserved along with small ponds and a fountain and a small wood with special tree-species.

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World Heritage - Christiansfeld

The 4th of July 2015 Christiansfeld got on UNESCOs World of Heritage list. 

Christiansfeld 2018

Christiansfeld Turistavis

Christiansfeld on your own

Christiansfeld - with a guide

Byvandring Christiansfeld

Get married in Christiansfeld

Get married in Christiansfeld

In Christiansfeld you will find everything to make your day special and a romantic experience for life.

The Christiansfeld Centre

Christiansfeld Centret

Visit the Christiansfeld Centre and find information to experinces in the Cultural Heritage city.


1th June - 30st November
Monday - Sunday at 10am. - 5pm.

1st December - 14th Mai
Monday - Sunday at 10am. - 4pm. 
Holidays closed