Fishing in Kolding

Fishing in Kolding

In the Kolding area you can find whatever an angler’s heart desires. The location directly out to the Little Belt, Kolding Å (stream) and many put & take lakes make the area around Kolding an attractive place for anglers.

If you want a higher chance of the fish rising to the bait, you should toss your line in one of the put & take lakes in the area. 

Hvilested Lystfiskersøer

Two beautifully situated natural lakes surrounded by wooded hills. Throughout the area runs the stream V. Nebel, with the possibility of catching sea trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout or tiger trout. A natural population of eel and tench are present in the lakes. Companies, associations and groups can rent a lake.

Seest Mølle Lystfiskeri

Seest Møllesø is located in beautiful natural surroundings, with tall trees all around the long lake. The lake has three kinds of trout, and eels and carp, which are from our own fish farm. The fish are released up to 4 times daily. Open from sunrise to sunset throughout the year. Sales of live worms, corn, shrimp, Power Bait, spinners and the like, as well as beverages. As a company, you can invite your employees or customers for a day of fishing at Seest Møllesø. It is possible to rent the entire lake.

Skovhave Fiskesø

The lake is located in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. No traffic noise –only  a few deer and pheasants. The Put & Take has rainbow trout, brown trout and brook trout. Release of new fish happens regularly, sometimes daily. There are good facilities for the whole family. Toilet, cleaning table, shelter, tables, benches and barbecue. The lake is open daily from sunrise to sunset during the period 1 March to 31 December.

Stenvad Put & Take

Stenvad Put & Take is 5 km from Kolding towards Lunderskov and Esbjerg, where the large newly planned Lake is beautifully surrounded by Vester Nebel Å. The lake has varying depths from 1 to 5 meters, and in the lake you can find  rainbow trout, brook trout and brown trout. The fish are released  in sizes from 1½ and up to 10 kg, and the stock is supplemented several times weekly.

Kolding Å

In the stream, Kolding Å, it is permitted to fish on the left shore downstream from the confluence  Åkær Å, Vester Nebel Å and Kolding Å up to Plovfuren and further on from Plovfuren on the right side of the stream downstream to Vester Ringgade by the town boundary. It is only allowed to fish with 1 fishing pole per angler. The maximum permitted catch per day is; 5 fish, but only 3 river trout (not including eels). The pike is protected in the month of April. The minimum sizes are: for salmon 60 cm, sea trout 40 cm, river trout 30 cm, rainbow trout 30 cm, pike 40 cm, and yellow eel 45 cm. 

Protection periods:

The Kolding Å-system upstream to the confluence of the streams Åkær Å, Vester Nebel Å and Kolding Å (or Åkær Å and Vester Nebel Å) is unconditionally preserved during the period from 1st November till 31st March, both days included.
The Kolding Å-system upstream to the motorway-bridge (E45) up to the confluence Åkær Å, Vester Nebel Å and Kolding Å (Kolding Å) is unconditionally preserved during the period from 1st November till 31st March, both days included.
The Kolding Å-system downstream to the motorway-bridge (E45) (Kolding Å) is unconditionally preserved during the period from 1st November till 15th January, both days included.

Inshore fishing in Southeastern and Southern Jutland

Southeastern and Southern Jutland is one of the best places for  inshore sea trout fishing in Denmark. The coast southward from Horsens Fjord to Als alternates with hooks, points and steep slopes, so there are many places where you have the possibility to catch fish from the coastline. The best time for inshore fishing is usually in March/May and again in September/November, when the fish really are to be found in the water near the shore. The coast of Denmark is approx. 7,300 km, and there is free admittance to it almost everywhere, if there is just a bit of sand between the sea and the cultivated areas.

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