UNESCO - World Heritage - Christiansfeld

Since 1993 Christiansfeld has been on the UNESCO Tentative List due to the city's special urban plan, the special architecture and the city as a whole, which is heavily influenced by the city Herrnhut.

The Moravian Brethren were originally from Herrnhut in Saxony and they used the local building traditions that made the city of Christiansfeld so special.

The 4th of July 2015, Christiansfeld finally got on the list.

Church square

Cultural Heritage in Christiansfeld

Find out more about the culture of Christiansfeld, the founding of the city and the distinctive architecture.


History in Christiansfeld

Historical Christiansfeld

Christiansfeld is probably the first city in Denmark, built by a decidedly urban plan of the visiting Moravian Brethren.

Architecture and World Cultural Heritage

Christiansfeld is known nationwide for its delicious honey cakes and is probably the first town in Denmark to be built after a definite town plan by the visiting Herrnhuters. Experience a unique architecture and cultural history, which can be be seen on guided tours and by visiting the Christiansfeld Centre.

Byvandring i Christiansfeld

City tours - Christiansfeld

The city offers many different trips around the city - read more here. There is a tour every day in July from 11-12.